Year 7 Golden Ticket and PROUD Project Launch

IMG_8850Greetings to you the lucky finder of this golden ticket!

This week all of our year 7s and Access class were surprised with a special assembly where they found an invitation to visit London on October 14th to see ‘Matilda’ at the theatre.  ‘Matilda’ is a hilarious, moving and magical performance and will help all of our students see what it means to be professional performers.  This is an innovative and integral part of our new PROUD curriculum which ensures that, as well as succeeding academically, all of our students become professional, resilient, optimistic, understanding and driven young people.  We want to make sure they have the confidence to believe in themselves and their dreams.

The PROUD curriculum for year 7 this term is based on Roald Dahl and through a range of creative subjects they will be learning new skills, such as sewing, illustration, designing, manufacturing, singing, acting, cooking and more!  All of their learning and skill development will be shown off on December 2nd, with our own performance (to which we look forward to welcoming you!).

Permission slips should be returned as soon as possible to their performance teacher, and voluntary contributions towards the cost of the visit by October 9th.

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