Year 11 Students Revision Timetable and Important Dates

Dear Parent/Carer,

As you will be aware, last Thursday all year 11 students took part in the launch of the Year 11 Challenge. As a year group, they were able to spend time reflecting upon their progress during year 10 so that they could set targets for this academic year and beyond.

Following this, students were then given time to create a timetable to best organise their time before and after school. Students were encouraged to make these timetables realistic so that any clubs, hobbies and free time were still included around focussed revision sessions. Students have been provided with two copies of these timetables so that there is one copy for them and one copy for you. Please encourage students to use their timetables effectively and let me know if there are any issues or if your child needs support with organising their time productively.

Last night we hosted a Post-16 information evening, where post-16 providers provided information and guidance regarding applications to the local sixth form colleges and apprenticeship schemes. Students will spend skills for life lessons completing their applications and personal statements after half term. Please be aware that all applications need to be sent to UCAS by 12th December 2017. All of the providers run open days and open evenings, so please encourage students to engage with this to ensure that they know where they want to apply and which courses they are interested in. For further support, please contact Mr Course via email on

To ensure effective revision takes place, we are encouraging all students to use GCSE Pod – which is a revision website that we subscribed to last year; the impact of this was incredible for last year’s students. As a school, we finished the year within the top 2% in the country for use of the website and I am really hopeful that we can achieve the same or better this year! The website is tailored to the specific subjects and exam boards that we use, offering podcasts, playlists and assignments to test knowledge. Students are using GCSE Pod during tutor times, focussing on English, Maths and Science and we are actively encouraging them to continue this with their other subjects at home. My tagline during all assemblies for revision is ‘short sharp bursts’ so that students spend no more than 20-30 minutes on one subject or topic in one sitting for more productive revision. This then also means that at least three subjects can easily be covered in one evening.  Students have requested additional revision resources outside of GCSE Pod and we are looking into a range of providers and will give details of these in the very near future.

Our first Academic Tutoring Day is taking place on Tuesday 31st October. It is really important that we have good attendance for this so that you can spend time with your child’s academic tutor to discuss current progress and targets for the next term. I really look forward to seeing as many of you there as possible.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me

G Cianciola

Achievement Leader for Year 11

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