We Do It All Through – Leadership Team Blog 4th July

This week has been an enormously busy week for me and, of course, for our students across the partnership. My week began with a trip to Mersea Outdoor Activity Centre with Year 6 pupils from Place Farm Primary Academy. I went along for the first two days, before Mr Watts took my place for the rest of the trip. This was a fantastic opportunity for us both to spend time with pupils, who will of course be joining us in Only 10 days time! These pupils have all had many opportunities to visit Castle Manor Academy to take part in lessons, use our facilities and spend time with our students. All of them speak highly of their time with us and the time they spend with our students.

In the latter part of the week I have spent some time with students from both academies who delivered a stunning presentation about their experience at the Castle Partnership Academy Trust. The presentation was delivered to head teachers from across Suffolk, who all commented on how confident, passionate and knowledgable they were. I truly felt proud listening to the presentation and the very engaging Q&A sessions.

This week has also provided me the opportunity to attend four separate sports days! Firstly our sports day at Castle Manor, which was a fantastic event with excellent sportsmanship, healthy competition and a superb crowd! Of course there was a slight mistake with the adding up, because I am sure hamlet should have won! (Hamlet of course, came a worthy second, with Helions securing top spot.) The other three sports days were at Place Farm and were equally entertaining, all supported excellently by our Sports Leaders.

All of these events make me reflect on how proud I feel of our students each and every day. Please take the time to think about the opportunities we have around us and take pride in what happens in our academy. Why not start by booking tickets for Bugsy Malone?

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