Pecuniary Interests

Our Governors and Directors bring a wide range of experiences to our trust. We value each one of these people and their unique input in to steering our trusts direction. Governors and Directors are not paid for their work with us and give freely of their time.

It is a requirement each year for all Governors, Directors and staff to inform us of any pecuniary interests they have outside of the trust. The interests of our Governors, Directors and Leadership staff are listed below in accordance with the guidelines issued by the Education Funding Authority. As a trust and as individual academies we do not partake in any transactions with the businesses noted below.

Forename Surname Role Declared Pecuniary Interests
Roger Andre Director
Governor (BEPA)
Governor (CMA)
LAMPH (Treasurer)
Happy Faces Pre – School (Treasurer)
The Cangle Trust(Trustee, Secretary)
Tracy Ayris Governor (BEPA) None declared
John Baillie Director
Governor (CMA)
D1G Ltd (Director)
Windoor UK (Director)
David Bray Governor (CMA) None declared
Justine Dawkins Governor (CMA) None declared
Janette Godfrey Governor (CMA) Director of SJG Carpentry (Husbands Company)
Parent of Michelle Kempen (Teacher at CMA)
Lynn Jones Governor (BEPA) None declared
Lisa McConnell Governor (PFPA) None declared
Andy Nicholson Director
Governor (PFPA)
None declared
Linda Page Governor (PFPA) None declared
Anne Rayment Governor (PFPA) None declared
Nic Rumsey Director Jaynic Investments (Partner)
Tanya Seaton Governor (PFPA) None declared
Jane Sendall Governor (PFPA)
Head of School (PFPA)
None declared
Alan Stinchcombe Governor (BEPA) None declared
David Sutton Governor (CMA) None declared
Madeline Vosper Governor (BEPA)
Head Teacher (BEPA)
K Baxter Property Maintenance (Brother in Laws Company)
Steve Watts Executive Leadership Team None declared
Vanessa Whitcombe Governor (CMA)
Head Teacher(CMA)
None declared
Nick Franks Governor (PFPA) None declared
Chris Dale Governor (PFPA) None declared
Nigel Roberts Governor (PFPA) GMB Member
Rebecca Loveridge Governor (BEPA) None declared
Emma Maguire Governor (BEPA) Husband HeadTeacher for Coupals Academy, Mother in Law HR Officer for SWAT Trust
James Gosden Governor (BEPA) NASUWT Member