Study Support, Clubs and Enrichment

An updated timetable of Study Support, Clubs and Enrichment sessions is now available. You can view this via the link below.

Session Timetable

Year 10 end of year assessments 2017

You can download the latest timetable here: Timetable yr10 end of year assessments 2017  

Lower Years – End of Year Assessments

Year 7 End of Year Assessments Below is a copy of the Year 7 End of Year Assessments timetable. The exams will take place during the Colleges sessions. Before the time of your exam you will be expected to line up outside the main hall. Please note that the English exam will be starting at […]

Letter from Headteacher

Dear Parents/Carers, 24th April 2017 Well the summer term is upon us and the year is rushing by very quickly. I enjoyed talking with students this week in our assemblies about being Driven, the ‘D’ of our PROUD values. We talked about setting clear targets for the term ahead and reviewing past targets ready for […]

Academic Tutoring Day – Wednesday 26th April 2017

Dear Parent/Guardian, Our final Academic Tutoring Day of the year will be on Wednesday 26th April 2017.  On this day, all students from Years 7 to 11 have a 15 minute appointment with their tutor, which you are also invited and encouraged to attend. The aim of this meeting is for your child to set […]

Letter from the Students

  March 2017   Dear Parents and Carers,                                            The Student Parliament has an active role within our School Community. In our last meeting, students decided it would be nice to update parents with a ‘Letter from the Students’ similar to that one you receive from the Mrs Whitcombe, but from a student’s perspective. […]

Letter from Headteacher

27th March 2017 Dear Parents and Carers,                                                                                                                                                                   We are approaching the end of the second term of the academic year, and things remain as active and busy as they have been. Last week I was incredibly proud to attend a Mess Dinner for the Combined Cadet Force, which some of our children attend at Culford […]