New Student Guide

This page provides all the key information you might need as a new student or parent. We know that starting a new school, or even thinking abut a new school, can be daunting. This page should help you feel more comfortable and know what to expect.

Where Do I Start?

The most important place to know is your tutor room. This room is full of helpful people that will point you in the right direction, help you out and be as helpful as they can generally. Vertical tutor groups mean that in your group there will be some Year 7s, who are new to the academy, and also some Year 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 and 13’s… Who all have experience of what it means to be at Castle Manor Academy.

Your tutor will be a big help to you during your studies and will take charge of both your pastoral and curriculum needs. If you have any problems they are often the best place to start.

How Long Is The Academy Day

At Castle Manor Academy we have 3 sessions per day and 2 week timetable. When you first start you will be given a copy of your timetable, which can be copied into your Manor File (More about that later). It will tell you what subject you should be studying, who you will be with and where abouts you should be. You will usually go to one assembly each week with your house and one other house.

The times of each day are below:

Time Event
8:50am Registration
9:10am Session 1
10:00am Session 2
10:50am Break
11:10am Sesison 3
12:00pm Session 4
12:50pm Lunch
1:30pm Session 5
2:20pm Session 6
3:10pm End of Academy Day
(Enhancement Tuesday – Friday)
4:00pm Enhancement Ends


What do I Wear?

We have a full uniform at Castle Manor Academy, which was chosen by our student parliament. The uniform consists is a formal style and we decided as a community that this best reflects the pride we take in everything we do at Castle Manor Academy. As well as uniform for every day wear there is a full PE. Uniform can be purchased from our online supplier, KiiWii Clothing.

KiiWii Clothing Uniform web shop –

CMA Uniform