Duke of Edinburgh

Mrs Baldwin co-ordinates DOFE at Castle Manor Academy along with a team of dedicated staff including Mrs Neech, Mrs Guilfoyle, Mr Ramsey, Mr Teare and Miss Weston.

There are 28 key stage 4 students currently enrolled at bronze level with 20 having passed the expedition stage.

DOFE students need to be committed, motivated, Independent and reliable. The award is highly commended by employers and higher education establishments as well as being great fun! There are four sections to DOFE: skill, physical, volunteering and expedition.

The expedition section is the section that is most challenging and enjoyable. Students have to learn lots of skills to meet the 20 conditions that they are assessed on for the Bronze level. They must be able to map read, to navigate and plan routes, work as a team, cook substantial meals, set up camp and know first aid.

Some of our DOFE students are also Emergency Cadets. Castle Manor staff completed DOFE training together with Haverhill PCSOs so we can work together to deliver DOFE, encouraging students to make a positive contribution to their local community and improve their life chances.

Watch this Flipagram to see our students DOFE journey this year.