Animal Care

The eco team are responsible for a variety of animals at Castle Manor Academy. Students follow a rota of care and are responsible for looking after them before the school day begins.

Our students have hands on experience caring for chickens, sheep, rabbits and guinea pigs. At Castle Manor we teach students how to be caring, understanding, responsible citizens.

The animals play a big part in our school community. They all have names and students have access to them on a daily basis .Through horticulture and skills for life students learn about animal care.

During school holiday times some students care for the animals with their families.

The animals visit local primary schools and community groups. Students have  given assemblies on how to be a responsible pet owner and Mrs Baldwin offers training to families and staff regarding caring for new pets. Students are taught that a pet is a big commitment and how to follow the 5 animal freedoms. Over the past three years we have rehomed animals from the RSPCA as well as battery hens from the Hen Welfare Trust.

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