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Do you know a community superhero in Haverhill? Someone who really puts in the effort to help other people in the town? If so, we want to hear from you.

The Haverhill News and the Castle Partnership Academy Trust are launching a series of awards to give you the chance to celebrate your local heroes.

The Haverhill Heroes Community Awards are an opportunity to appreciate and acknowledge the people who put so much into making Haverhill a special place.

The award winners will be celebrated at a ceremony in March when they will receive a hand-made trophy and a prize from a sponsor.

You can nominate your Haverhill heroes for six categories.

These are: business in the community, volunteer in the community, the young person’s award, the local food produce award, the act of kindness award and the sporting award.

Each of the awards is being sponsored by a local organisation, with confirmed sponsors so far including Abbeycroft Leisure, 1Accounts Online and Sarand Software.

The News will profile each of the categories and what their sponsors are looking for over the coming six weeks to help you decide who to nominate, and full descriptions of the categories are below.

You can also nominate your heroes online, by filling out this online form.

Online nominations open today, and from next Thursday, the News will be publishing a paper nomination form every week. You can drop these forms off at locations around the town, or send them into the News’ office.

Nominations will close on December 18. A judging panel made up of representatives from the News, Castle Partnership Academy Trust and the category sponsors, will go through the nominations. They will decide on the winners and release a shortlist of finalists at the end of January next year.

The finalists will be profiled in the News in the run-up to the Haverhill Heroes awards ceremony, which will be held in late March at the Haverhill Arts Centre.

The glittering event will be organised with the input of Castle Manor pupils, who will help to put together the decorations, food and drink and trophy design.

The awards are open to people of all ages who live, work or volunteer in the Haverhill area.

The categories are:

Business in the Community Award

This award will recognise businesses and business people, who innovate and engage staff and the local community through their work.

Volunteer in the Community Award

This could be an individual person, a team of people, a charity or a workplace, who have selflessly volunteered to help a person (or people). This could be for charity or just to help those less fortunate and in need.

Young Person’s Award

This award could be for a young person who has had to overcome illness, disability of personal circumstances that would be testing for an adult, let alone a child. It could be for a young person who has achieved something significant academically or through a talent, or who has done something incredible in their community. Whatever makes the young person you want to nominate special, please tell us all about them by nominating them for this award.

Sporting Award

This award could be to recognize an individual sports person, or a sporting team, who have achieved something in relation to any type of sport. This can also include coaches, managers as well as the players themselves and is applicable at every level from children to adults, sports clubs to school teams.

Local Food Produce

The Haverhill area is home to some wonderful local food produce. We want to celebrate some of the extraordinary efforts, skills and achievements of those who are bringing delicious and healthy local food to our doors. This award could recognise those individuals, or businesses, who are using local produce, or who are creating food in the Haverhill area.

Act of Kindness Award

The purpose of this award is to recognise someone in our community who has gone above and beyond to help others. It is someone who, without asking or wanting anything in return, has given their time or their resources to support someone else in need. Their act of kindness deserves recognition. Please nominate them.

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