Letter from Headteacher – 5th September 2016

Dear Parents and Carers,

It has been lovely to welcome students back in to school this morning. They have arrived looking very smart and ready for the new academic year
ahead. Thank you for your support in making sure that your children are well prepared for learning, with a school bag and equipment. In tutor groups this morning we have been issuing new timetables, home learning timetables and Manorfiles. All tools for students to support their learning. Please can I ask you to look particularly at the home school agreement and sign it in the Manorfile.

I was delighted to see a significant increase in our examination results in the summer. This is testament to a joined up approach between students, staff and parents and a huge amount of collective hard work. Students are heading off to Universities across the country, into apprenticeships and off to study at 6th Forms and Colleges. We wish them all the very best.

We have made some significant changes to our approach to tutoring, with tutor groups in single age year groups. We believe this will allow us to move our advice, guidance and support into different ways of working, more focused on each year group. Attached is a list of tutors, Achievement Leaders, Learning Mentors and Assistant Headteachers assigned to each year group. This will help you to make direct contact with whoever you may need to pass information on to. Your child’s tutor is the best first contact point for any communication.

I wanted to remind you that we keep our website up to date with dates for the calendar, such as evening events, Academic Tutoring Days and training days. A few important dates for your calendar for this term are below –

  1. Monday 26th September, 6-7pm. Kickstart evening – a special information evening for each Year group – more information will follow.
  2. Thursday 13th October, 6pm, Open Evening – many students help out at this evening designed to give information to new potential students.
  3. Non pupil day – staff training. Friday 14th October.
  4. Academic Tutoring Day – Wednesday 9th November. Students and parentsattend during this day for an appointment with their tutor.

I am very keen that communication is as clear as possible. Please do check the website or twitter where we try to provide lots of information plus updates and always contact us if you have any concerns or information you want to share with us.

We have welcomed several new members of staff to the school. They join us at an exciting time in the next steps for the school. Our plans to join the Samuel Ward Academy Trust are moving forwards and we expect to make arrangements formal before Christmas. We are already benefiting from some colleagues from the Samuel Ward Academy Trust working with us from 1st September, working alongside colleagues, teaching and leading on different aspects in school.

Our new staff are listed below:

  • Mr Gosden – Assistant Headteacher
  • Mrs Vinall – MFL Team Leader
  • Miss Fernandez – MFL Teacher
  • Mrs Brighten – English Teacher
  • Mrs Beaton – History Teacher
  • Mr Robson – English Team Assistant Mrs Clay – Cover Supervisor
  • Mr Neild – Samuel Ward Academy Trust Director of Education
  • Mr Allen – Science Teacher and Key Stage 5 strategic lead, Samuel Ward Academy Trust Director of Science
  • Mr Stevenson – Maths Teacher, Samuel Ward Academy Trust Director of Maths.

I wrote to you over the summer following the very sad death of Miss Morse, our English Team Leader. I wanted to emphasise that we have support available for anyone who would like to access it. Please do let tutors or myself know. We will be working with Miss Morse’s family to plan activities and a longer lasting memorial to her in the coming weeks and months. We will also be working with The Back Up Trust, a charity that Miss Morse fundraised for, as our school charity for the year.

I intend to continue to write to you fortnightly this year, as ever please contact me on VWhitcombe@castlepartnership.org.uk if you need to or contact my PA, Mrs Gill Mitchell, on GMitchell@castlepartnership.org.uk if you would like to arrange an appointment with me. Due to the nature of the school day it is often not possible to meet without an appointment, so please do take this into account.

Yours sincerely,

Vanessa Whitcombe




Parental Contact information

Year 7
Achievement Leader Miss Read – JRead@castlepartnership.org.uk
7SB: Chauntry – Mr Barber – SBarber1@castlepartnership.org.uk
7SA: Hamlet – Mrs Samuels – ASamuels3@castlepartnership.org.uk
7GM: Helions – Mr Marks – GMarks@castlepartnership.org.uk
7EF: Wilsey – Miss Fernandez – EFernandez@castlepartnership.org.uk

Year 8
Achievement Leader Mr Course – DCourse@castlepartnership.org.uk
8CN: Chauntry – Mrs Neech & Miss Haynes – CNeech@castlepartnership.org.uk & MHaynes@castlepartnership.org.uk
8RB: Hamlet – Mrs Baldwin – BBaldwin@castlepartnership.org.uk
8RN: Helions – Miss Neal – RNeal@castlepartnership.org.uk
8JF: Wilsey – Mrs Farrow – JFarrow@castlepartnership.org.uk

Year 9
Achievement Leader Mr Course – DCourse@castlepartnership.org.uk
9KB: Chauntry – Mr Bonas & Miss Towers – KBonas@castlepartnership.org.ukLTowers@castlepartnership.org.uk
9VS: Hamlet – Miss Shevchenko & Miss Weston – VShevchenko@castlepartnership.org.uk & AWeston@castlepartnership.org.uk
9CC: Helions – Miss Cornell – CCornell@castlepartnership.org.uk
9SJ: Wilsey – Mrs Johnston – SJohnston@castlepartnership.org.uk

Year 10
Achievement Leader Mr Ramsey – DRamsey@castlepartnership.org.uk
10MA: Chauntry – Mr Mason – JMason@castlepartnership.org.uk
10JT: Hamlet – Mr Teare – JTeare@castlepartnership.org.uk
10NS: Helions – Mr Sims – NSims@castlepartnership.org.uk
10LC: Wilsey – Mrs Cassels – LCassels@castlepartnership.org.uk

Year 11
Achievement Leader Miss Cianciola – GCianciola@castlepartnership.org.uk
11JB: Chauntry – Mrs Beaton & Mrs Nyberg – JBeaton@castlepartnership.org.uk & LNyberg@castlepartnership.org.uk
11RD: Chauntry – Mr Dovaston – RDovaston@castlepartnership.org.uk
11CV: Hamlet – Miss Vinall & Mrs Jacobs – CVinall@castlepartnership.org.uk & JJacobs@castlepartnership.org.uk
11CS: Helions – Miss Spurling – CSpurling2@castlepartnership.org.uk
11SF: Wilsey – Miss Fagg – SFagg@castlepartnership.org.uk

Key Stage 5
Tutor Miss Cornell – CCornell@castlepartnership.org.uk


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HT Letter
Parental Contact information

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