Letter from Headteacher

Dear Parents/ Carers,

We are already over half way through the first half term of the year. The weather is beginning to feel more Autumnal and the routines of being back to school are well embedded. How time flies!

We enjoyed meeting many of you at our Kickstart evening last week. This event provided an opportunity to inform you about the year ahead for your child and to meet tutors and leaders. We have had lots of positive feedback about how useful this was and will certainly look to repeat it this time next year.

Working with you and your children is absolutely key in gaining the very best for each child and we are keen to keep communication and engagement with parents high on our priority list. Can I remind you that you are welcome to make contact with us at any time and we will work together to solve any issues? I attach our communication list of email addresses for you to use where you need a first port of call. We have seen more and more of you log in to Go For Schools to keep you informed about what your child is doing on a daily basis. If you need any support with this please email GoForSchools@castlepartnership.org.uk.

We have launched many after school clubs and study support sessions and the sporting season has already begun with teams heading off across the local area to play sporting fixtures. There are still spaces available for these activities so please do talk to your child about taking part in these activities, they are a very different part of our school day, which allows new friendships and access to new activities. Mr Ramsey is hoping to run a design club using lego and if anyone has any lego that they could donate to this please contact him on DRamsey@castlepartnership.org.uk

We have focused on attendance in assemblies recently, led by Mrs Freds, our Attendance Manager. School attendance is crucial for ensuring children experience the very best learning and your support ensuring your child attends school every day is vital. I will report regularly on our attendance figures in these letters. National averages for Secondary school attendance last year was 94.8% and we are currently at an average attendance of 95.11% so far this term.

Finally, I would be really pleased if you could take a few minutes to complete our parental survey, reviewing the start of term and helping to identify any areas of improvement we need to make. It is a simple Survey Monkey online survey and can be accessed by clicking this link https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/5BPY9CM

Yours sincerely,

Vanessa Whitcombe



You can download this information here:

Headteacher Letter

Parental Contact Information


Parental Contact Information

Year 7
Achievement Leader Miss Read – JRead@castlepartnership.org.uk
7SB: Chauntry – Mr Barber – SBarber1@castlepartnership.org.uk
7SA: Hamlet – Mrs Samuels – ASamuels3@castlepartnership.org.uk
7GM: Helions – Mr Marks – GMarks@castlepartnership.org.uk
7EF: Wilsey – Miss Fernandez – EFernandez@castlepartnership.org.uk

Year 8
Achievement Leader Mr Course – DCourse@castlepartnership.org.uk
8CN: Chauntry – Mrs Neech & Miss Haynes – CNeech@castlepartnership.org.uk & MHaynes@castlepartnership.org.uk
8RB: Hamlet – Mrs Baldwin – BBaldwin@castlepartnership.org.uk
8RN: Helions – Miss Neal – RNeal@castlepartnership.org.uk
8JF: Wilsey – Mrs Farrow – JFarrow@castlepartnership.org.uk

Year 9
Achievement Leader Mr Course – DCourse@castlepartnership.org.uk
9KB: Chauntry – Mr Bonas & Miss Towers – KBonas@castlepartnership.org.uk & LTowers@castlepartnership.org.uk
9VS: Hamlet – Miss Shevchenko & Miss Weston – VShevchenko@castlepartnership.org.uk & AWeston@castlepartnership.org.uk
9CC: Helions – Miss Cornell – CCornell@castlepartnership.org.uk
9SJ: Wilsey – Mrs Johnston – SJohnston@castlepartnership.org.uk

Year 10
Achievement Leader Mr Ramsey – DRamsey@castlepartnership.org.uk
10MA: Chauntry – Mr Mason – JMason@castlepartnership.org.uk
10JT: Hamlet – Mr Teare – JTeare@castlepartnership.org.uk
10NS: Helions – Mr Sims – NSims@castlepartnership.org.uk
10LC: Wilsey – Mrs Cassels – LCassels@castlepartnership.org.uk

Year 11
Achievement Leader Miss Cianciola – GCianciola@castlepartnership.org.uk
11JB: Chauntry – Mrs Beaton & Mrs Nyberg – JBeaton@castlepartnership.org.uk & LNyberg@castlepartnership.org.uk
11RD: Chauntry – Mr Dovaston – RDovaston@castlepartnership.org.uk
11CV: Hamlet – Miss Vinall & Mrs Jacobs – CVinall@castlepartnership.org.uk & JJacobs@castlepartnership.org.uk
11CS: Helions – Miss Spurling – CSpurling2@castlepartnership.org.uk
11SF: Wilsey – Miss Fagg – SFagg@castlepartnership.org.uk

Key Stage 5
Tutor Miss Cornell – CCornell@castlepartnership.org.uk

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