New Curriculum

Year 7

This is our first year group to fully experience our PROUD curriculum. In addition to the Ebacc curriculum explained above, we have a specially designed performance class where, across the year, all children will learn: textiles, drama, music, art, catering and design technology. The way in which these subjects are taught is based around a project, which the students are working towards and for which they demonstrate their learning through performance to a live audience at the end of the project. This year, this has started with a Roald Dahl project, which will be performed on December 2nd.

Assessment Without Levels

Year 7 will be assessed using a new system without traditional levels. You can read about this system of assessment, which is also working across our primary academies, in this PDF.

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Curriculum Maps

You can find a curriculum map for each subject below. These shows the learning that will be assessed throughout the year.