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The back end of the summer term has seen advancement being made towards joining up processes across our own community and our partnership. There has been a wide variety of events and activities where the ethos of ‘All through’ has been truly embraced. Sporting successes at KS2 place farm are noteworthy to mention. The teams have benefited from bespoke master classes at CMA delivered by specialist staff at the academy which really has helped consolidate our vision of sharing our skill sets and playing to our strengths, literally!

Other whole partnership activities have included a range of end of year awards ceremonies (greatly attended), sports days, outdoor learning projects and transition week for the new yr7’s to CMA and of course this week our collective partnership photograph! All of the events mentioned above and more throughout the year, do not just happen overnight and I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank the staff, students and parent/guardians that have been involved in supporting our projects and continuing to invoke our vision of ensuring the students are provided with the best possible opportunities to succeed, grow and develop their learning and wider aspects of community life.

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Staff and students at CMA have been working in collaboration with Place Farm colleagues and students in a range of subject areas. One area I have closely overseen as my expiring role as Head of PE was that of the sixth form sports leaders. The year twelve students have shown great maturity in their efforts to become role models within coaching capacities. They have acquired new skills, grown in confidence and been given the opportunity to develop their own organisational and leadership skills / styles. I asked a selection of the group that have worked closely with Place Farm students this year to reflect upon their experiences. Please read their thoughts below…I’m sure you’ll agree, their perceptions and analysis of their work would not be possible without such effectively forged links and a cohesive environment in which to facilitate opportunities and provision to students of all years.

Working across the partnership

Huw Llewellyn Yr12 BTEC Sports Coaching Student

“Working across all the schools in the partnership has been good experience because you get to make a relationship with the other schools so they know you and like you helping out more. The students also like it as they get to who us so they are less scared about coming to upper school. The teachers like it because the students can be split into small groups so they are more manageable as well all the groups can do different tasks. For example at Clements one group could be playing hide and seek and another group can be looking for bugs. So it really helps the teachers as well if a student needs help and the teacher is helping someone else we can help the student. So over all working with the other schools really help us with are coaching and helps at the teachers as well”.

Harrison Cox Yr12 BTEC Sports Coaching Student

“In the future I would like to be part of the growing subject of sport, physical education and coaching. I am interested in a broad area of sport. However, the courses I am interested in applying to are sport coaching and physical education, football studies and sport and nutrition. The main reason I am interested in the coaching side is because in my current course I have done lots of coaching which I have enjoyed doing because I have seen how the students grow as sports people because of my help. When doing my F.A. level 1 coaching it opened my eyes to the opportunity I have through football and had made me think about what I truly want to do in the future.

I have enjoyed sport for a long time and my main passion is football this can be anything such as researching football statistics, playing football, coaching football and supporting or watching football. Due to this I would like my career in football for example coaching to management this is what I would like to do. However, I enjoy other sports such as rugby, I have played for Haverhill rovers, I like playing tennis from time to time and because of the Olympics I have become interested in participating in different sports such as Rowing, table tennis and swimming. For these reason I would like to coach sport for schools or clubs or do research for improving sports tournaments or games”.

Tommy Miller Yr12 Btec sports coaching Student

“I have enjoyed working across the partnership and helping out every Wednesday at Place Farm Primary School. It has been an enjoyment helping Mr Holder and I had plenty of coaching experiences of sport for example cricket, tennis and football. I have enjoyed helping at a different ages as normally we would be helping the old ages at Castle Manor. We have been helping with Forest School at Clements Primary School with teaching Year 1s and 2s. I have enjoyed helping with the younger ages at Place Farm and Clements. I have done over 100 hours of coaching at Castle Manor, Place Farm and Clements and it is good to experience different teaching styles from teachers like Mr Barratt, Mr Holder, Mr Dovaston, Miss Croson and Miss Read. Achieving my V 100 award (sports coaching volunteering certificate) is an added bonus!”

Connor Carlton Yr12 Btec sports coaching Student

Working around all the schools has been a great experience for me. I have witnessed other coaches lead sessions and have taken in everything they have given as advice.

During my time at Place Farm I started to become more independent during the sessions, I was leading groups and the students were well behaved and listen carefully to all instructions. Delivering the sports relief event with them & members of the community, motivating them and seeing every student there joining in was a particular highlight this summer. Being able to help organise this was a huge eye opener to achieve my coaching goals. Moving onto my work at Clements Primary, to help with their activities, such as the nature schools, has helped me as a leader both inside the class room and outside. This was due to the fact I had a responsibility to make sure the pupils in my care were being safe when they were participating. Overall my experience throughout the partnership has been mind blowing and would continue doing it without any hesitation.

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