Leadership Team Blog – The Political Frontier

This week we had the privilege of welcoming our local MP, Rt Hon Matthew Hancock, to our Academy. On Friday morning he arrived, greeted by young people from across our partnership, to take part in a short presentation and discussion about the future of our Trust. Before he arrived I had the privilege of talking to our students about the role of an MP, what they do on a day-to-day basis and what difference they can make. It was a refreshing experience and gave me an excellent insight into how our young people engage with politicians.

During the visit our Executive Principal, Madeleine Vigar, spoke about the plans we have for the future; Plans to create an outstanding campus for the future, to enable us to deliver the best education possible. We also spoke with our students about what they want to achieve, what their ambitions are and how we might support them. Our students were a shining example of local young people. They had ambition, drive and determination.

Following the presentation we supported Matthew Hancock in launching a new local project – Give CB9 A Shine. This scheme aims to give us all a sense of civic pride, by encouraging us to take responsibility for the upkeep and improvement of our local area. At Castle Manor Academy we chose to make our front area more appealing to local wildlife by placing some bird boxes and feeders in the trees. Others may choose to tidy an area, deal with the weeds or remove graffiti.

For our young people on a chilly Friday morning, in the middle of a solar eclipse, they witnessed our local MP at work – In this case he was hard at work helping us improve our environment, though I am sure the students understand this is not how he normally fulfils his role! In the final event today’s solar eclipse was a little bit of a disappointment, but our students and their brush with our MP was far from a disappointment!

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