Leadership Team Blog – Student Leadership – Putting the Vision into Action

Head of School, Matthew Gibson

“Our aim is to provide the best education we can, enabling our children and young people to become responsible, independent members of society”

This week, I have been struck by the different ways in which Castle Manor students are being guided to be leaders as part of becoming “responsible and independent” with two very contrasting examples, one that rewards them and one that helps others.

The Student Parliament, elected by their peers to represent them have been working under the guidance of the Heads of House to design a new student rewards system that recognises excellent attendance, hard work and service on a more regular basis than the Rewards Trip that it replaces. Their ideas, desire to recognise the importance of attendance and recognition that the rewards should further support their success at school have been really well considered and we look forward to implementing them in the very near future and acknowledging the hard work of lots of students over the last 11 weeks since the start of term.

In my other example, I was fortunate enough to attend the charity quiz night on Thursday, raising funds for a diabetes charity. Students from across the school had taken complete ownership of the event, setting and reading the questions, organising the raffle and refreshments, getting promotional materials and ensuring there was appropriate levels of staff supervision, all to make sure that vital funds were raised in a good cause.

I’d also like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your attendance at Academic Tutoring Day last week, where a new record for attendance at such an event at Castle Manor was achieved. As ever, we welcome all contact, so if you have something you want to raise with us, please get in touch.

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