Leadership Team Blog – Friday 7th November

Mr Matthew Gibson, Head of School.

This week, our theme for the week has been “Heroes and Villains, Saints and Sinners” – in assemblies I’ve spent time with the whole school investigating the type of things that make a modern day hero – I’ve used the example of Alan Henning, the British man recently killed in Syria by the group known as ISIL – a man completely unconcerned with the politics or the religion of the area but who thought it was the right thing to do to go and support families who had been affected by the civil war that has been going on there for the last few years. The assemblies concluded with the following statement, which we used for our thought for the day on Thursday:

“A hero doesn’t have to do extraordinary things to live up to that title. A hero can be someone who helps a neighbour cut the grass, gives a loving word to someone who’s hurting, or lending money to a complete stranger.”

 On another note, we also hosted our 6th form pathways evening this week – there are links to the materials and key messages on other sections of this website – the evening was well attended and presented an excellent opportunity to discuss the next steps for students at the end of Year 11 – we would welcome any feedback about the evening – please contact me or Mr Harris, Assistant Head of School if you have any feedback to share.

Next week we will mark Remembrance Day – this week I found the following link about a project to mark the 100th anniversary of the start of the First World War which I thought you might like to see.


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