Leadership Team Blog – Friday 6th February

Head of School, Matthew Gibson

Firstly, apologies for missing a week of the leadership team blog – we received some feedback from Twitter from a follower in a completely different part of the country about how it had been missed. I am glad to say that normal service has been resumed this week.

Next week, following some feedback from parents and governors, we are going to trial a monthly video blog with different members of the leadership team, which will take the form of a question and answer session, with the questions hopefully posed by you. So, if you have any questions, please submit them to Mr André (JAndre@castlepartnership.org.uk) before Wednesday 11th February.


Anyway, I am sure you will be aware that last week was Holocaust Memorial Week and also the anniversary of the death of Winston Churchill. As a historian, I wonder how long we will hold on to the practice of marking such anniversaries, especially as the number of people of were actually there naturally dwindles and what the impact this loss of “actual” memory will have on how we as a school and as a wider society mark these events. I, for one, hope that we will continue to mark them in the way that we did here at Castle Manor last week with student led assemblies about the importance of learning the lessons of the past to protect the people of the future – in our turbulent and unsettled times this has to be a really important aim.


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