Leadership Team Blog – Friday 28th March

Head of School, Matthew Gibson

We have had an extremely busy week at Castle Manor Academy this week, with lots of visitors, both prospective employees and visitors from the community and other Suffolk schools. Without exception, they have commented on the positive working relationships they have seen between students and staff, students and students and staff and staff.

They might have also commented on the variety of what they had seen. In just 30 minutes on Thursday morning, they would have seen the whole of Year 8 leave to walk to Haverhill Arts Centre to view the stage version of War Horse (and within two hours of their return I had received an e-mail to say what an absolute credit the students had been to the school), would then have seen Year 7 students refurbishing the kitchen garden area ready for planting this years’ crop and then have come across Year 11 Child Development students in the art rooms planning a craft activity that they could do with young children. This would have been, of course, before they had visited any traditional classrooms!

If anyone thing confirmed what the visitors have said to me, it was the spectacular Dance Show that I attended on Thursday evening. To see students from across the school work together and showcase hours and hours of work to an audience of over 200 parents, friends and other members of the community was a real #FeelProud moment.

Next week, we start the process of welcoming new children and families to Castle Manor with transition interviews – oh, and there is the small matter of the trip to the USA departing at the end of the week. So, another busy week to take us to the end of a very busy term.

As ever, thank you for your support of the students and the work of the school.

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