Leadership Team Blog Friday 23rd January

Head of School, Matthew Gibson

This week Castle Manor has hosted two events aimed solely at engaging parents and carers in the life of the school, namely the Year 11 English and Maths parent’s evening and the Academic Tutoring Day. As Head of School, these events are hugely valuable as the give me a barometer of how the different stakeholders of the school (parents, students and teachers) are feeling about the quality of the provision they are getting. While it is virtually impossible to please everyone all the time, my sense this week is that the general view is very positive – students at Castle Manor are known very well and as a result get highly personalised feedback and areas for improvement three times a year through Academic Tutoring Day. Parents and carers have regular opportunities to discuss the progress of their children and students can contribute to their learning through identifying the areas that they want to work on. We as a school, hope that through the inclusion of comments in the last report card, this process can be further enhanced and we are looking at a new reporting system for the summer term to move us even further forward.

So, thank you for your engagement with us this week and if you have any further feedback, please let us know.


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