Leadership Team Blog – Friday 13th June

Head of School – Matthew Gibson

Last night, the much anticipated FIFA World Cup in Brazil finally got underway after a spectacular opening ceremony in Sao Paolo. Despite all the tensions, protests and controversy surrounding the preparation for the tournament that has made the news in recent weeks, I am pretty sure that now that the football is underway, these will be largely forgotten and that the football will do the talking.

While I won’t be drawn on who I think will win the tournament, one thing I know is that whoever wins will have had to deploy the resources of far more than the players who actually get to be on the pitch in order to be crowned champions; management staff, kit men, physios, nutrition experts, travel organisers, (the list could go on) will all have made a significant contribution to the winning team. Beyond this group, the family and friends of the players will also have provided support and encouragement that, although hard to measure, will have been vital.

As the exam season starts to wind down a direct comparison can be made between a winning World Cup team and a student who fulfils their potential. Like the football team, the student will have drawn on the support of teachers, behaviour and learning support workers, librarians, form tutors, friends, family (again the list could go on) to fulfil their potential, whatever stage of their school career they are at.

The quality of the relationships between all these staff groups and students has been really powerfully illustrated to me this week through reading the draft of the Year 11 yearbook which demonstrates just how well students who attend Castle Manor are known and supported. This is something that I am truly grateful for and which the student comments also reflect.

Enjoy the football this weekend

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