Leadership Team Blog – Friday 12th September 2014

Head of School, Matthew Gibson

It is a great pleasure to write my first blog of the new academic year, and particularly to welcome new parents to Castle Manor Academy. We aim to publish this blog every week on a Friday, with various members of the Castle Manor and Castle Partnership Leadership Teams contributing.

Firstly a thank you. The students have returned to school with immaculate uniform and are presenting themselves and their academy really positively. There have been some changes over the summer holiday, with large areas of the school having a makeover and the creation of an outstanding outdoor learning space in the orchard.

There have also been some staff changes, as we have welcomed a number of new teachers as well as some staff taking on new responsibilities. The names of the new staff and the main changes in responsibility are set out at the end of this blog.

Many students from Castle Manor Academy were celebrating in the summer on the publication of their GCSE, BTEC and A level results. All 6th form students who made university applications were offered places at their first choice and many others have progressed to exciting work and apprentice placements. Year 11 students performed well with many progressing to take up places at Castle Manor’s 6th form provision, CB Sixth.

This year I am keen to build on the positive relationships that were established last year and to that end have introduced a Head of School Forum, approximately once a month. The first Head of School forum of the year is scheduled for Wednesday 17th September at 3.30pm. If you intend to come, please ring reception, so we can organise enough refreshments. The aim of these sessions are to provide parents with an opportunity to informally meet with me, over a tea or coffee and discuss matters of general interest or relevance in relation to the work of the academy. Because of their informal nature, the purpose will not be to discuss any issues relating to individual students – if you have any general concerns, the first point of contact should be the form tutor as was the case last year.

I very much hope you find this blog useful. Any comments are of course welcome and here’s to a great year.


Main staff changes:

Castle Manor Leadership Team

Mr A Barratt – Deputy Head of School

Mrs V Horne – Assistant Head of School (Intervention and Inclusion)

Mr M Harris – Assistant Head of School (6th Form Transformation)

Ms A Grimstone – Assistant Head of School – Professional Tutor

Castle Partnership Leadership Team

Mrs V Whitcombe – Director of Teaching and Learning

Mrs E Stoneham – Director of All Through Curriculum

Mr S Watts – Director of Families and Community

Other staff changes

Mr R Dovaston – Team Leader Physical Education

Mrs A Harris – Team Leader Design, Technology, Applied Learning & MFL

New staff

Mrs R Twomey – Philosophy & Ethics

Miss J Green – Philosophy & Ethics

Mrs E Lacey – Geography

Miss M Haynes – English

Miss C Simmonet – Modern Foreign Langauges

Ms F Saul – Psychology & Sociology

Miss S Phillips- English




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