Leadership Team Blog – Fri 2nd May

I start my blog on the back of what has been a difficult week for teaching following the very sad news of the death of a teacher in Leeds. All our condolences go out to the family, friends and colleagues of Ann Maguire and all the pupils at Corpus Christi, during what must be an extremely difficult time. Ann Maguire died whilst doing what she loved in helping children achieve a brighter future for themselves and we hope that this meaningless act will not serve to create the reverse effect for those innocent children involved.

Hearing of such an incident helps to put a lot of things in to perspective in what are our day to day working lives in schools. Whilst we struggle with the increased demands placed upon teaching and with budgets getting tighter it is easy to lose sight of why we have chosen to work in education. One of my big challenges this week has been trying to fit in the time to write this blog which has appeared in my diary every day this week and until Friday had not materialised. Whilst this is by no means a large task it is more to do with numerous other demands that come up and need your attention during what most of us would now consider an average week. Why do we continue to do what we do? The reason for me is very simple in that one very powerful way to help to stop acts such as the one this week becoming more common is through providing our younger generation with the quality education they need to make informed and well-judged decisions.

Whilst this may bring about some bad press for young people we do need to remember that this was an extremely isolated incident and that there is so much good that goes on within our schools. At Castle Manor Academy we had a great start to the week with a very successful Academic Tutoring day. We have also entertained primary school students from a number of our partner schools in completing maths revision sessions and taking part in drama workshops. Whilst this has been going on our year 11 students remain focused on revision for their upcoming exams where we know they will make us all very proud.

Next Tuesday there will be a chance for parents to meet the leadership teams of the Castle Partnership at Place Farm Primary and Castle Manor Academies. We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible there to think about the positive future of our partnership.

Let us all remember that young people in our partnership constantly remind us of the positivity in society. They provide us with opportunities, not to reflective badly and feel negative, but to feel proud of all the good they do and will continue to do throughout their lives.

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