Leadership Team Blog – 3rd Oct 2014

This week I have been looking out for kindness. Sometimes, often, I see behaviour in school which makes me smile (or cry!) because of how kind our students and staff are to each other. These are the things that make our school such a happy place to be.

I wanted to share with you ten kind things I have seen this week:

1. Teachers planning lessons for each other in Science and talking about how they can help each other
2. Mr Gibson bringing me a cup of tea after a stressful day
3. Celebrating Mr Gibson’s birthday
4. Older students showing younger ones how to use the cashless catering in the canteen and checking they are having healthy meals
5. A Year 11 lad showing a new Year 7 lad around in his first week
6. People holding doors open for each other as they move around the site
7. Mr Teare bringing everyone in the Student Advice and Guidance Centre a box of chocolates
8. Litter picking in the orchard to keep our sheep healthy
9. Older students supporting younger students with their worries
10. Year 8 students taking Year 7 students to enhancements for the first time

Taking joy in seeing these kindnesses has been inspirational to me this week. So thank you!

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