Leadership Team blog – 21st November 2014

Focused, informed and aspirational: Our student profile on  Academic Tutor day last week. It was wonderful to see students taking ownership of their learning, with the support of their parents, and holding positive development meetings with tutors, heads of houses and subject teachers. The engagement in target setting didn’t start and stop on that day alone. Walking around the school this week and reviewing lessons, it is evident that pupils had set themselves challenging targets to work towards with their teachers in developing their studies further. The quality of work and focus from our year 7 students is noteworthy of a special mention, especially in Humanities subjects.

For students that have consistently applied their focus and drive for success we see our annual celebration of achievement evening Thursday 27th November. The event will see guests arrive in the main hall to recognise the achievements of our students that have excelled in a variety of subject areas and contributions they have made on a whole school & community level. Some of the awards are closely guarded and much sort after accolades so I anticipate the atmosphere on the evening to be extremely exciting and inspirational for our students in attendance. My thanks goes out in advance for our students who will also be contributing to the event both behind the scenes volunteering hours for logistics and in the lime light with various performances on the evening.

Opportunities to reflect, celebrate and inspire are crucial just as last week’s remembrance demonstrated. Our students will need to take the successes and involvement of next week’s achievement evening, refocus their personal goals and targets in line with their aspirations and share these with Academic Tutors during regular tutor meetings to ensure they are building upon them. This will allow them time for developing the foundations for their successes throughout this academic year.

The next point of consolidation for pupils and parents together based on the targets set at Academic Tutor day last week will be Wednesday 21st January 2015. In the meantime, in terms of aspirations and focus, December sees the start of Year 11 mock examinations whilst December the 5th marks the start of our Year 9 pathways support process through their Year 9 pathways assembly. Choices, aspirations, focus and success… I have a feeling these themes will be referred to by students throughout!

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