Leadership Team Blog – 14th November 2014

On Tuesday I witnessed one of the most profoundly moving moments of my career as a teacher- ten years.

I stood at the side of the stage in the hall at 10.40, in my mind preparing for another assembly. Our students know how to come into assembly: silently, well-behaved, obedient. But on this occasion, nothing was said. No instruction was given. They filed in, thoughtful, controlled. Silent. They formed rows, standing, in silence. They faced the front and waited. Mr André read. Mr Ramsey played The Last Post. We observed two minutes silence. With one accord, our children – your children – waited patiently and in silence until they were dismissed. No reminders were needed. There were tears in many eyes as we remembered the fallen for remembrance day, students, teachers, associate staff.

Moments like today matter for me. They tell me that teenagers care: they are thoughtful, compassionate and outward thinking. They tell me that community still matters, in a world where we are constantly told that people don’t care about each other anymore. They tell me that when I chose this job in this place nearly ten years ago, I was right. That there is something about this school, Castle Manor, that truly matters. Because of the spirit that is in its midst, which isn’t about any one individual, but about all of us.

I experienced other moving moments this week. I watched while one of our Year 11 boys, himself a student with significant challenges, supported, persuaded and reasoned with one of our Year 7 girls, eventually ensuring she attended and excelled in the PE lesson she did not want to go to (thank you, Kyle). This is something else that makes me know I chose the right place to be: Our children, older and younger, support each other. They show each other round when they are new starters (thank you, Holly). They listen when each other are sad. They remind each other of the expectations when unsettled. They help each other in lessons (I saw exactly this earlier in the week too- thank you, Kaitlin).

This week we remember those who selflessly have sacrificed their lives for our country. Let us also see and be thankful for the same spirit which lives on in our community today.

Remembrance Day 2014 from Castle Partnership Academy Trust on Vimeo.

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