Jeans for Genes Day at the Castle Partnership – 23rd September 2016

Jeans for Genes Day at the Castle Partnership
Friday 23rd September, 2016

We would like to invite students to take part in raising funds for Jeans for Gene’s day. This is the day when thousands of people across the UK are asked to ‘Jump into their Jeans’.

It’s amazing how our lives – right down to our skills, interests and even personalities – can be influenced by our genes.  Unfortunately, sometimes genes can go wrong and cause problems with the way that someone’s body works, develops or looks.  Jeans for Genes exists to fund research into the causes, treatments and cures for genetic disorders.

A genetic disorder could range from something such as a squint or a cleft lip, to one of the more challenging conditions such as cystic fibrosis or sickle cell disease.  There are over 4,000 known genetic disorders that affect one in 33 children born in the UK.  That’s nearly one in every average school class.

By simply wearing your blue or black jeans on Friday, in place of your usual trousers or skirt (rest of uniform to be as usual please, no trainers, no jeggings or leggings), and donating £1 to the charity, we could make a huge difference to children who really need our help.

Thank you all for support and we look forward to seeing everyone in their jeans on Friday the 23rd September!


Download a copy of the letter here.

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