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Leadership Team Blog, Friday 9th January

Head of School, Matt Gibson Happy New Year! It has been fantastic to welcome the students back to school this week and they have responded well to a real renewed focus we are having on the basic expectations of punctuality, appearance and equipment. I’d like to thank you for your support with ensuring that these […]

Leadership Team Blog, Head of School, Matthew Gibson

One of the things, in fact the main thing I love about my job is that it is so varied and that I get to spend time with such a wide range of people on a weekly, daily or even an hourly basis. This week has contained some real extremes as I have had the […]

Leadership Team Blog – 5th December 2014

#12joysofteaching This week on twitter a trend started where teachers are sharing their 12 Joys of Teaching (#12joysofteaching). Each day a challenge is set and the teaching twitter community add their comments and thoughts along the theme. It has really made me reflect on what a fantastic and privileged profession teaching is. I have the […]

Leadership Team Blog – Student Leadership – Putting the Vision into Action

Head of School, Matthew Gibson “Our aim is to provide the best education we can, enabling our children and young people to become responsible, independent members of society” This week, I have been struck by the different ways in which Castle Manor students are being guided to be leaders as part of becoming “responsible and […]

Leadership Team blog – 21st November 2014

Focused, informed and aspirational: Our student profile on  Academic Tutor day last week. It was wonderful to see students taking ownership of their learning, with the support of their parents, and holding positive development meetings with tutors, heads of houses and subject teachers. The engagement in target setting didn’t start and stop on that day […]

Leadership Team Blog – 14th November 2014

Nothing was said. No instruction was given. They filed in. Thoughtful. Controlled. Silent. They waited. Mr André read. Mr Ramsey played. No reminders were needed. There were tears in many eyes.