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Leadership Team Blog – April 25th

What follows is the text from an assembly that has been given to the students at Castle Manor this week about Nelson Mandela as part of our theme for the week, “Africa”. Given the number of students who have commented on it, it has clearly had an impact, so for this week’s leadership team blog, […]

Leadership Team Blog – Friday 28th March

Head of School, Matthew Gibson We have had an extremely busy week at Castle Manor Academy this week, with lots of visitors, both prospective employees and visitors from the community and other Suffolk schools. Without exception, they have commented on the positive working relationships they have seen between students and staff, students and students and […]

Sporting Ambitions. – Leadership Team Blog

Sport has been the focus for this week! Last saturday David Ramsey and I completed the British cycling award for teachers. After an early start and lots of classroom activity based around the fundamentals of cycle techniques and core values for introducing cycling expertise to youth riders. After break, the fun began outside in the […]

Leadership Team Blog – March 14th 2014

Matthew Gibson Head of School This week, as well as being able to enjoy some glorious spring sunshine, students at Castle Manor Academy have been reflecting on our community and their place in it. I’ve said in a previous post about “faith” that it would be hard for students and staff at Castle Manor to […]

illis ambulemus – Leadership Team Blog 7th March 2014

Each week provides us with a plethora of opportunities to “Illis Ambulemus”. What can you reflect on in your week?

Leadership Team Blog – Head of School Matthew Gibson

Friday 28th February 2014 Head of School, Matthew Gibson Our theme for the week at Castle Manor Academy this week has been “Challenging Your Faith”. It has prompted much thought in assemblies, tutor times and across lunchtime tables amongst staff and students alike about what it is to have “faith”, whether religious faith or faith […]