Information, Advice and Guidance

Key Stage 3

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Key Stage 4

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Key Stage 5

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Information, Advice and Guidance (IAG) is an important and most useful tool for anyone at any age but even more so at the ages between 13 – 19. Especially when you consider that during this age, you can feel empowered to make that change or finally believe that you can reach the heights that you aimed for when you were much younger.

Many of us can probably still remember saying that I want to be an astronaut, a doctor, a ballerina or for some a JCB in primary school. However, over time we realise that these dreams may not become a reality so we either lose interest in education or set along a new path. This is where IAG becomes so important; it’s about asking what you can achieve and about setting the bar higher but still keeping the end goal or career as a challenge but still remaining realistic. At Castle Manor Academy, you are very fortunate to have a leadership team, governors and directors who believe in the importance of impartial IAG.

We believe in signposting you on to the correct path to achieve your dreams or goals whether this been through the decisions of GCSE v BTEC / VTEC (Y9), College v 6th Form v Apprenticeship(Y10/11) or University v Apprenticeship or full-time employment (Y12/13).

Choosing the correct path to follow has become increasing important since the introduction of the 2008 Education Act, which states that those of compulsory school age must remain in some form of learning from 2015, until the age of 18. Learning can take place in these forms to meet the latest statutory guidelines, full time education (6th Forms or FE College), Apprenticeships or employment with training (split between 20 hours work and 20 hours learning i.e. RAF).

Mr. Course with the support of your Head of House, Tutor, Teachers and the R&R & Learning Support Team are here to challenge and to support you with your choices, as only YOU know what is best for YOU.