Cambridge Science Centre On The Road to Castle Manor

The Cambridge Science Centre returned to Castle Manor this week with a brand new set of interactive displays for us to experience. Castle Manor year seven students were joined by pupils from Place Farm, Burton End and New Cangle Primary schools and Sandcastles nursery, through the 4 day exhibition. In total 460 children from Haverhill were able to find out how proteins are made and take part in a science showcase about the electromagnetic spectrum. Students also had chance to interact with different displays showing how science and engineering is put to use all around us. From building earthquake proof buildings to confusing your senses and making electricity students were able to investigate many different aspects of science under the guidance of Jon and Andy from the centre

It is the third time the Cambridge Science Centre has visited the Academy over the past two years and they will return to Haverhill in half term where they will set up shop in Barclays Bank in the High Street. If you can’t wait for half term the Cambridge Science Centre is in Jesus Lane, Cambridge. We hope to host the exhibition again at Castle Manor. The Cambridge Science Centre is a charity involved in promoting the sciences across the country, they will be taking a special interest in the International Space Station over the coming months when British Astronaut Tim Peake embarks on the Principia Mission.

We would like to thank The Cambridge Science Centre, Jon and Andy for visiting us again at Castle Manor.

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