Cambridge Lectures for Castle Manor Academy Mathematicians

Young Mathematicians from Castle Manor Academy visited Cambridge University last week to take part in a special event organised by the University. The University organised a series of workshops and lectures with the aim of extending mathematical thinking beyond GCSE level. The schedule gave students an idea of how lectures work and what learning looks like in Higher Education.

Georgina Sargent, Team Leader for Mathematics at Castle Manor Academy, joined students for the day and was positive about the impact “This event was an excellent opportunity, the students were in awe of their surroundings and enjoyed the auspicious surroundings of Cambridge University. As ever they behaved impeccably and participated fully in the day, volunteering for tasks at every opportunity.”

Students particularly enjoyed the opportunity to explore maths from a different angle, which gave them the opportunity to think about the subject as an academic venture beyond GCSE. The event was a very successful and inspiring day.

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