Our Curriculum

At Castle Manor Academy our curriculum has been specifically designed to embed our PROUD core values: to build professionalism; resilience; optimism; understanding and drive. The PROUD curriculum encompasses both what the children learn in the classroom, and the opportunities and experiences they cover as part of their wider school encounters. As such, our personalised PROUD curriculum will raise standards, build character and inspire a love of learning.

In the classroom, the curriculum is designed differently, depending on the year the student is in. However, there are some common factors:

  • Each year group’s curriculum focuses on the core subjects of English, maths and science, as well as a double lesson of PE. In each year group, we also ensure our students have an RE and PSHE lesson which helps to support our teaching of SMSC and British Values.
  • To prepare our students for Key Stage 4, all our students at KS3 follow an Ebacc curriculum (including history, geography, French and computer science) to build academic success.
  • The Key Stage three curriculum has been personally designed at the Academy to ensure it reflects the National Curriculum, whilst also planning backwards from GCSE so that we are confident in building the skills and knowledge required for success at KS4.
  • The classroom curriculum is complemented by our enrichment programme, which gives opportunities to try a broad range of subjects. This can be found {here}
  • The Castle Partnership Academy Trust makes a commitment to at least one trip for each year group, which is matched to their curriculum, and these are outlined in the trips and visits attachment below.

Year 7

This is our first year group to fully experience our PROUD curriculum. In addition to the Ebacc curriculum explained above, we have a specially designed performance class where, across the year, all children will learn: textiles, drama, music, art, catering and design technology. The way in which these subjects are taught is based around a project, which the students are working towards and for which they demonstrate their learning through performance to a live audience at the end of the project. This year, this has started with a Roald Dahl project, which will be performed on December 2nd.

Years 8 and 9

These two year groups have a broad and balanced curriculum which enables them to embed their core subjects, whilst also experiencing creative and academic subjects which they might choose to study further once they reach KS4. Music, dance, drama, design technology, computing and languages are some of the subjects the students study weekly.

Years 10 and 11

Once students have reached KS4, their curriculum is personalised based around their guided choices. All students in KS4 study English language, English literature, maths and science. As part of their guided choices, one of the additional subjects they select must be from one of the EBacc subjects of: computer science, French/Spanish, extension science, history or geography. Students then have the opportunity to select a further three subjects from across the curriculum options. These range from subjects they are familiar with from KS3, such as another of the Ebacc subjects, or some of their creative subjects like music, art or drama; but, it also extends to new subject areas such as media, photography or philosophy and ethics.

Post 16

In our Sixth Form we have pathways which enable all our students to be successful. There is a wide range of A level subjects on offer, as well as technical courses. Additionally, for any students who have not achieved their C grade in English or maths, we offer GCSE resit classes.

By clicking on each year group you can see the long-term curriculum maps, which show the curriculum skills and content to be mastered that year. You will also be able to see the children on their learning journey, some of the performance projects they are taking part in and a few of the WOW moments they are experiencing.